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January 2016

The Best LIFE Environment projects 2014


The Best LIFE Environment projects 2014

68 pages

This new publication from the LIFE programme, the EU's fund for the environment and climate action, highlights the achievements and value for money of the most outstanding Environment projects completed before the end of 2014.

The 25 featured projects - drawn from nine EU Member States – showcase examples of practical solutions to many of the most pressing environmental challenges of the age, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change, using water less wastefully, protecting soil quality, managing and reusing waste and developing greener manufacturing processes.

Eight projects received the ultimate accolade ('Best of the Best' project), including LIFE Information and Communication (INF) projects with an environmental focus in Slovenia and the UK. In addition, a further 17 projects (including one from the LIFE INF strand) were recognised as 'Best' LIFE projects for their excellent work.

All 25 award-winning projects demonstrate the significant contribution that the LIFE programme can make to the development of a low carbon, resource efficient, sustainable and growing EU economy.

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